Orange County Soccer Officials Association, Inc
PO Box 317
Otisville, NY 10963


 NYSCOS  Uniform Policy:

1. A badge specified and provided by NYSCOS.

2. A NISOA-approved grid-style shirt. All officials working a game must wear the same color shirt.

3. Black shorts of a design appropriate for soccer referees.

4. Black socks with three white stripes. Alternatively, as long as all referees working a game are dressed alike, the color of the stripes may match the color of the shirt.

5. Local boards may allow individual officials to wear black baseball-style hats with no logo.

6. Local boards may set policies and/or other uniform requirements or allowances for specific weather conditions.

OCSOA Uniform Policy:
The primary uniform for the OCSOA will be the NISOA gold grid shirt with black shorts
& black socks with three white stripes. This uniform is the minimum requirement for all members.
Level 1 officials or any official assigned a Varsity game are required to have the NISOA black grid shirt as an alternate
Solid black jackets/windshirts may be worn.

Uniforms may be purchased at:

 Washingtonville Soccer Shop
 9 East Main Street
 Washingtonville, NY 10992
 ph: 845-496-8321

Members will receive a 10% discount off prices listed in the Official Sports Catalog